A Martian landscape

Started by blackcat, February 12, 2013, 03:08:37 pm

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I'm working on upgrading my catalog of planetary landscapes. Here is a new view of Mars.


Looks nice, how did you do the tornado?  :)


The dust tornadoes were rendered by hand.


It has been eaten.


Nice image!
Did you made the foreground rocks in TG2  ?


Everything is TG except for the tornadoes.

There was a lot of post work done, though. For instance, two dune fields were rendered and combined, two or three rocks had their textures added by hand where I felt that the TG texture didn't work and there was some other work done on color and tone of the patches of sand between the rocks in order to have them blend where they meet the dunes.


Thanks for liking it!

As I pointed out in the recent Terragen webinar, I really enjoy doing realistic astronomical scenes. Having to make the pictures scientifically accurate adds a challenge that's a lot of fun.