Third Party Training for TG2?

Started by PabloMack, February 17, 2013, 10:19:18 AM

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Looking at the "Terragen 2 Resources" page on the Planetside website, I see nothing for 3rd party training. Is there none or does this need to be added to this page?


A couple of weeks ago there has been an online webinar called TerraLive with about 8 hours of TG-related material of which roughly 4,5 hours of training.,15582.0.html

Other than that there's no 3rd party training I'm aware of.


The TerraLive sessions were excellent. There is a tremendous amount of practical explanation of the Terragen toolset and workflows. TU and FrankB did an outstanding job in presenting some very complex material and yet made it approachable and usable, the eight hours of video are easily equal to anything from Digital Tutors, or similar highly regarded online/DVD  tutorials. Highly reccomended!


Are the Terralive recordings provided on laser disk or only for download? My internet connection is in no condition to download a lot of huge video files for the time being.


Don't know about having a disk shipped, but the downloads are about 1.5 gigs. The link in TU's post above takes you to 3D Direct Magazine, perhaps you could query them as to alternatives.