Martin's Deep Edition Road WIP Thread

Started by Tangled-Universe, February 25, 2013, 04:56:10 AM

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Definitely getting there - I know what you mean about complexity nearly decided to rewrite my whole entry but on reflection I don't think it would be simpler or faster to render. Glad you're going to thin out the veg. I like the curve in the road but I think the transition to the background hills is rather abrupt. What is that bright green object bottom right? looks like plastic sheet!


Still doodling a bit with tree models to see what gives nice spacing to have light pass through.
Just for fun I added a thin cloud layer to see if I could get some subtle rays, but the cloud turned out a bit denser than I expected from my (probably too) small crops.

The next one is rendering now with vegetation in the background and without the low mist and cumulus clouds.

More coming soon...


Really taking shape as a wonderful scene.  I especially like the sucession of light and shade in the foreground, it really adds definition and depth and sets the midground off nicely. I assume thats a World Machine terrain in the background?


Great progress, I think the vegetation is superb and the faint mist helps to give it depth.  Clouds if you are going to keep them need work.


An Ulco style WIP post :)


I think you are right to get rid of the clouds that you had, but the mist on the right side of the image was rather nice I thought. Image has a strong bace, so I think it will end strong no matter what.
It has been eaten.


Nice  ;) . Really nice  :D Plane for water a little bigger indeed. I'd add more (translucent) high grass between the right hand weeds to break the repetitititiveness of those weeds. I do like the darks in there. I would also not bother about veggies on the field, it's nice to see the road color coming back there, maybe plow it up a little more. I would also place the distant trees more in tight patches, not as even as you now have. Add a species? I like the sky as it is, maybe a few wisps of cirrus cloud would do and not distract, those days exist.
It's a great render already and will be s stunner I'm sure.


This is very,very good. The trees on the hill look like vines so I'd keep them but the ones on the edge of the hill need breaking up spatially, more size variety and some extra species.  I too like the sky as it is. I think you should keep the mist and get rid of the pond weed.


I like the Ulcostyle notes!
pond weed looks like toxic waste!
veg on hillside =crops/cultivated terraces...
this is coming along nicely!