Mick's Road

Started by mhaze, March 02, 2013, 11:55:40 AM

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Next incarnation - not yet rendered at high res, await your comments first


Hi Mick. My first thought was that I wouldn't want to be following a caravan up that road!!! ;D It's probably a bit too steep, but perhaps the deep groove in the distant road should be tempered with a distance shader. Good compositional story though.

Maybe a slightly different pov. You've got three accents that could do with better framing with the horizon. Maybe bring the sign much closer left top and have the rodent on an axis of eye drift with the buzzard? Forming a triangle with the road peak.


Extra fine realism here Mick. The only thing I would change is use high Cirrus clouds instead. Wonder if the mouse will dart underneath and past the owl?


Thanks for the comments not sure why the black streak is so strong - it's just appeared may be a resolution thing, I'll have to play with that.

Hetzen, I agree. I'm not quite happy with the scaling yet or the composition so more experimenting there.  We actually have a road this steep in Yorkshire, actually signposted no caravans! I've taken a motorhome up it but took the alternative route to avoid going down it

choronr, The clouds are a relic from an earlier idea, maybe it's time to change them too, hmmmm.


It's looking great. A few comments still; the mouse is a bit too much I think, it looks like a cartoon character and takes away some of the realism. I would altogether take out mouse and buzzard/hawk. And the puddle below as well. And perhaps a bit more translucency in the left upper leaves...


Yet another try - I like the composition better in this one.  I'll  maybe add the mouse after some more work on it, the hunting owl looks hungry ;)  Not sure about the sky - I tried a stormy sky but although it added to the mood it killed the light.  I may intensify the cirrus a little more.  Sadly I felt I had to lose the sign as it just didn't fit the composition.  Does the mist need to come forwards toward us us a little?


I do like the drama, but it's almost a pity that the 'hunt' takes attention away from the rest of the scene. It's also hard to make it photoreal. Maybe move it away from the camera a bit, not sure. Setup is sweet, I like the plants a lot.

Edit: posted my comments before the last render was published. I kind of like the change. Maybe the owl should be a bit off-center?


Quote from: mhaze on March 25, 2013, 08:41:53 PM
We actually have a road this steep in Yorkshire, actually signposted no caravans! I've taken a motorhome up it but took the alternative route to avoid going down it.


I really don't think this scene is far off Mick. I've typed a few more thoughts if you'll allow me.

If you move the camera to the road edge on the left, you could rotate the camera to get the horizon on the road peak to be broken up by follaige on the left (might need an object placement to get right) so clouds wouldn't be such an issue and would help in not splitting the screen up to draw the eye to them. Put some reflectivity on the road, fallen leaves and posts. That displacement shadow on the far road centre line right looks like a very big rut in the road, is this intentional? Your white lines could do with about 0.015 displacement so they lift off the road slightly, road paint has some depth that might catch highlights and help with how they tringulate (when faceted at render). If you do move the camera, you may have to move the sun location to get better shadows on you populations.

Seriously, the work is there Mick. The populations look very natural. If you follow Martin's very good render advice I think you've got a very good submission.


Hi Hetzen, your ideas, as always, are interesting. I may do two versions, one as is, faithful to the original source image and one with a different pov and maybe some curve in the road. The rut is actually a black tire mark but it's maybe a tad too strong.  The paint has had depth added but adding dirty marks seems to have flattened them so I'll work on that and give them some reflection what a good idea). More leaves are on the to do list and I'll add some reflection to them. For some unknown reason adding reflection to the road looks horrible so I may not add that, again on the to do list as something to work on.

otakar, Thanks for the comment. I rather like the coming at you feel of the owl but I can see the aesthetic value of shifting it to one side - I'll try it.


This does look excellent and has a scary feel to it. I certainly wouldn't want to take a caravan up there, but... delete the owl entirely imo.


the amount of details here make all the difference!
that hill is crazy...I wonder ho far you could get up the other side from freewheeling a bike?!


Probably my final - at1600x1024 it took22hrs 20 mins to render, detail.8 aa 12  how big a file can I send? as the original is 4.6MB



Looks really nice Mick :)
Of course it's never finished, so you can keep on tweaking, also after you've submitted it.
The last submission we've received from every contestant is the final one.

If I'm correct we should be able to receive up to 10MB attachments, so 4.6 is absolutely fine!




Yeah keep tweaking as long as you can. One thing I would change is the white road divider on the hill. Where I live that would be solid, because passing on a blind hill like that (even in the country side) can get you killed. Also, did you use soft shadow?
It has been eaten.