Mor's Roadside WIP

Started by Mor, March 10, 2013, 09:54:11 AM

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Finally I managed to start doing something. I've been so busy at work that I feared I'm not even able to participate.
I really don't have any particular setup in mind and still waiting for real inspiration, but here's at least something I came up quickly at first try. The road itself is mostly just a placeholder as I don't know yet would it be gravel or tarmac road.

Comments, suggestions and critics most welcome.


Looking good :)
Nothing to crit at this stage.
It reminds me of the Forestry Commission land we used to go and play solders on when I was a cadet.

Ryzen 9 5950X OC@4Ghz, 64Gb (TG4 benchmark 4:13)


Oh how much I love this scene layout!
I suppose the trees, wheat etc. are also placeholders to composite the scene?
These trees are VERY difficult to get rendered realistically.
The only way I managed is to render them at large resolution so that the renderer can 'see' all the needles and shades them correctly.

Personally I think I'd make this a gravel road.



I really like the composition, and think that if the shaders for the lower half of the tree trunks and the road were fixed it could pass as a photo already.  Nice work.


It has been eaten.


Thanks a lot for your comments. Finally I managed to continue this and here's the next version.




I know a place like this too!
great work so far!


Thanks for the comments. I made some slow progress again. Made some changes to sun and atmosphere and added some color variation to populations. All comments, suggestions and critiques are welcome.


Hmm, no, the colors are off now. Step in the wrong direction... Happens to me all the time, too  :)


I agree, far too yellow now, but that's easily fixed. I also liked the verge/edge of the road in the foreground a bit better in the last one (though it needed some more detail on some of the small rocks, but again fairly easily fixed). The field also needs to be less bright I think. But I do find good improvement in the mountains in the distance, and I'm liking them as a backdrop more in this latest version.

- Oshyan


Wheat field color - I liked the less saturated color better. Maybe something in between? The other plants are fine, but revisit that deep green grass, it's a bit much imho. I like the mountains now, too. What happened to the rocks/pebbles, they seem to be hidden in the soil now. The road is perhaps too smooth. At this slope, you should have at least some run-off and resulting erosion...


Agree with colors and Otakar's observation about the road's smoothness. Some cracks, run-offs, ruts would greatly enhance it. I also think it's too much on an angle and very wide. I can't tell whether the viewer is just very close to the road, like with a wide angle lens, or the road is 10-15m wide.