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Started by ozijon, May 28, 2007, 07:44:11 AM

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Hi i'm always getting this message coming on and i can't save work and sometimes closes when im in the middle of doing somthing i have to save almost every time i do somthing Tilll it shuts down what could it be


The indicated .dll is a graphics driver-related file which suggests it may be an issue with your graphics card drivers. Make sure you have the latest driver update. Remember that if your graphics card is OEM or was shipped as part of a preconfigured system your system vendor may not be providing the latest driver updates. Usually the *chipset* driver from the chipset manufacturer (usually nVidia or AMD/ATI) will work with any OEM/bundled card and those drivers will always be the newest. Try or

- Oshyan


To help reduce this problem you might also try turning off any hardware acceleration. I have experienced frequent crashes on some systems related to video card drivers (particularly laptops).  This has improved a lot since the last update, but it still happens.  I usually get lucky on my work laptop and the video driver crashes instead, dropping back to 640x480 and 256 colours but at least I get a chance to save and reboot.

I've also noticed that some TG functions appear to drain graphic resources more quickly than others (e.g. multiple strata and outcrop nodes). The first sign is that buttons will stop working and opening node settings doesn't draw properly.  After that the shortcut keys stop making it impossible to save and the task manager won't load (if attempted).  To get around this I usually leave another M$ app running (IE or Excel) so that I can close that to free up enough resources to save and restart TG2 (usually enough, only occasionally requires a reboot)

Recognising that a problem is on the way helps to avoid disaster....  save often  ;)


Hi thanks for the help i uinstalled my drivers and reinstalled and now all is ok problem was when i installed i had my anti vius on but all is ok now thanks for the help