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Started by 3Designs, April 12, 2013, 03:37:14 am

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Hey guys i am new in Terragen 2 ,and i need to export my heightmap from terragen 2 to UDK,but i have the problem UDK only accept raw format,now i have the quesition how i can export the heigthmap in raw format?
please help :) thank you :)


This is more of a Unreal Engine/UDK question than a Terragen one, since Terragen does not export to a format that UDK supports natively. From a quick Google search, I found this which appears to support Terragen's .TER format as well as UDK formats: http://www.lilchips.com/hmcs2.htm

So, to export from Terragen, you need to be using a Heightfield Generate. Once the heightfield is generated, right-click the heightfield node in the node network view and choose Save As, then specify a file name with .ter at the end. You should be able to load this into HMCS then export to a UDK-compatible format.

- Oshyan