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Started by dream, May 10, 2013, 05:34:07 pm

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I tried some different animation and composed it to one avi please feel free to have a look and thanks in advance  for taking time to watch the video.


Nice ones! Especially that one with the mountains against the sun and it's reflections in the water.

A thing to think about next time: Aspect Ratios..

If you are had/have fun with animations and want to make even more (i hope so), next time you could try to start to use more common movie or television HD widescreen aspect ratios.
Due to actual confirmed vision habits of the masses which are enjoying modern aspect ratios at a daily base (inclusive me), every time i see an old school TV 4:3 (1,333) aspect ratio,
i feel bombed back in time and age! 4:3 ratios were just born and set because of old technical possibilities 1073 !? years ago (or so).  ;D

You would gain 3 key benefits with an modern aspect ratio, even if you may stay with TG´s standard width of 640 pix for saving render time in animation tests or fun renders:

You would safe even more render time by not rendering lots of pixels coming from the 4:3 aspect ratio. Take ratio of 2.39 cinematic ratio for example, you just have to render 640x268
instead of 640x480 pix (you could those saved pix and render time invest in higher resolutions if you want, pixel/width wise).

The viewers subconsciousness would say "Thx!" because of written stuff above and some written stuff in point 3. below.

Well set and camera focused contents of any animation in wider screen formats can push the mood, look and feel, even kind of a dramatic feel, as you are
forced to set most important contents and it's movement more straight in wide frames (human brain/natural FOV are also reasons to stay with wider frames nowadays
(leads also back to point 2. again)).

I hope you get me right m8. Nothing against your fine animations. You just could safe render time and gain possibly even greater touching visuals with a wide framing for animations.
I also bubble here now so much because i have seen lots of other people animations (elder and newer) which gone and will go the same way in the future.

May others in animation interested ppl read your thread, it could save them some time and visual outcome of their animations too.
Sry again that it hits your thread now, pls no bad feelings because of my "bla bla" i wrote right after a nightshift..  :)

Greetings, Alex
~ The annoying popularity of Vue brought me here.. ~


Thank you  Bjur,

Yes you are right i did the render on 4:3 because i still have a old lcd screen 4:3 and most of my render are on 4:3
I did also worked longtime with 3dmax and after effects where my render was always on 4:3 TV
the old habit :)

but will change next time the render

thanks a lot for your kind feedback :)

Zairyn Arsyn

nice, i like these animations.

though the landscapes with the palm trees would look better if the ground looked more realistic.

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thank you Zlain

yes you are right but it was my first try
if i get more time i will try to make it more realistic on my next animation