Lock On Object Selection

Started by jaf, May 21, 2013, 06:39:29 pm

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I was curious if a new feature where one could lock on an object selection would be possible and useful.  I find it very frustrating when placing objects in scenes with many objects and either I can't select one of the individual arrows for movement, or it "slips off" the cursor and attaches to another object.  Then I'm not sure if an undo is appropriate or maybe the cursor "slip" really didn't move the other object and my undo is going to undo a previous event (yes, clumsy sentence.) :)

Anyway, I really think locking a selection would help a bunch.  Or maybe there's a technique I'm missing?
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We've made improvements to selection in an upcoming version and this should be much less of an issue. I'll also give some consideration to your suggestion.

There aren't really any good workarounds I can think of unfortunately. The best one would be to disable the objects which are grabbing selection from the one you're interested.