Terragen 3 examples (If you got some please feel free to post your example here)

Started by cyphyr, June 15, 2013, 04:43:18 AM

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I love the new GI mode! Gives me perfect shadow lighting in scenes that would have been difficult and would have required post work to make look properly lit, in previous versions.

I pretty much dumped together a quick scene, nothing perfect, but I wanted lots of light and shadow.
(disregard the texture problems on some of the trees, that's just an unfinished model)

And voilĂ , love the lighting that's now out of the box!



I wasent commenting because you guys are not allowed to answer too many questions yet. But this is one good image too many now, and I can't stop my self.

Those images are all super interesting!

freelancah, that looks great! Like a Willy Wonka planet of delicious swirls, in image two. And great sci fi in the rest. ;D
Seth, not sure what you did, but the effect is bizarre and very attractive. For some reason it looks incredibly crisp.
chris_x422, It looks great. I remember the original looked great too. How strong is the difference?
T-U, I hope you will continue to demonstrate the differences as your re-renders finish! These kinds of visuals are very helpful to someone like me.
FrankB, that scene is the beginning of something outstanding! Really hope you post further updates!

Now I am mad I am not a beta tester.
It has been eaten.


Here is a large comparison from a scene built a couple years back.  These are straight output files with no postwork.

*Edit* Can't seem to get the forum to link the image even though it is less than the 5000KB so you can see it here:



Ryan, are those identical scenes? The differences are huge! Especially the lower right! Wow. :o


It has been eaten.



You're in for a treat with TG3, guys!

p.s This is a 5 minute setup to try the vortex warper.


Damm it Dune I've been trying to do that with blue nodes for years!


Quote from: TheBadger on June 19, 2013, 05:21:44 PM

Seth, not sure what you did, but the effect is bizarre and very attractive. For some reason it looks incredibly crisp.

Yeah, looks really nice!

He wrote that he killed all haze and atmo in his scene. Beside Seth's good surface and fine light setting incl. new GI, this is/was the key i would say/bet.

I think it's everytime all about a well tweaked light/light color/angle setting and reducing of any given standard haze and blue sky values to a possible minimum generally,
depending on your scene and the look you want to achieve of course.

In my short TG life, any given standards of haze, bluesky, sunpower/diameter and whatever else settings, were always a kind of "Black Death" for almost all of my even simple scene's colors, shadows, crispness, horizons, moods etc. till yet..  ;D

I ask myself: Exists a known technique, to push the haze/atmosphere influence backwards in your scene like a kind of distance shader you would use for surface/surface shaders for example!?  ???
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I wonder if the Vortex shader wil finaly make breaking waves possible ?  :o
Hmmm... wonder what this button does....