Terragen 3 examples (If you got some please feel free to post your example here)

Started by cyphyr, June 15, 2013, 04:43:18 AM

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I guess that's possible, efflux, but with a little extra work, I think an arch can be integrated quite nicely. I've got another one cooking, which is quite astonishing. By the way, this (or another) arch will be a preset in TG3.

EDIT: just finished. No GISD, detail 0.65, AA 6 default, DOF, rendertime 28 mins on an i7.




Wow Ulco, the displacement on the natural bridge is really nice in this one! I am not really in love with the look of the arches I have seen yet. But I remain happy to know that a least it is a easier thing to do now. I'm glad that PS added this. I suspect that once we all have access to T3, then there will be some nice development threads about how to do different kinds of things with the new node. And of course then you testers will be able to finally  really answer questions.

You made a very nice texture for that deer! It looks very good here. I can't wait to see your renders with him with the natural poses!!! But I need to remake some antlers! I don't like them at all. I guess in a herd they are fine here. But I need to make some better ones!
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Well, the arch is not one node by Planetside, it's a combination of nodes I figured out. And by their request I will add some stuff to the TG3 library. I have to think of some more..... There you go.


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And sorry I didn't mention it's your reindeer, Michael. It's great. Still hadn't time to check out the baby.

Here's a render with GISD (2/2, so quite extreme, 1/1 is default).


lol No need Ulco. I was just lamenting that I need to re-do the antlers. Or at least change them. They look to specific to me.

The surface on this arch looks great! I like the texture and the color. The strata on the bottom near the doorway looks like the result of water flow, to me. Ancient water way? I also thing its interesting that the inside of the door looks smoother than the rest of the wall. No idea how you pulled that bit off. Well no idea how you did any of it really ;D

Looks nice man.
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Nice Arch Ulco!

Here's a shot from another scene I've been using to test gi.




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It doesn't look TG, the rock. But it's great! Love the atmo and the cave, have to try that in TG. Thanks for showing Chris.