New Windows is Windows 10!

Started by Upon Infinity, October 01, 2014, 04:09:46 pm

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Upon Infinity

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Hmmm... wonder what this button does....


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M$ has been it's own enemy for quite some time now.  Windows 8 was the last straw for me. They seem to go into self destruct mode with every other release. "Oh Windows 7 works? Lets break it."  8.1 (the big fix) a big joke. WAIT - Windows 9 will be a free upgrade to those poor suckers that paid for 8. Breaking news: before you can even install 9, WE WILL ANNOUNCE 10. At this rate I would expect evaluation copies of 11 by January.    ;)

EDIT: what is this madness?  They announced yesterday Windows 9 is free, and now today they are skipping 9 to sell you 10?
Can someone explain?,2817,2469470,00.asp
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Upon Infinity

Looks like 'Windows 9' is just being used interchangeably with the new version in the article, as they were assuming the next version would be 9 (a ridiculous notion for the 9th version of the software, since 10 is naturally a better sounding number).  Assuming PC mag's info is correct, I'm guessing the upgrade is still free.
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Let's hope it is just a re-branded 9 because I've noticed it's the odd numbered versions that are stable. ever since and likely before Win2K which was really NT5 in my books.
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Just curious: was winXP "Windows 5" and "Vista Windows 6"?  Can't remember seeing or reading that, but "7" and "8" seemed always part of the name.

I've seen the odd/even reference and while it seems to fit a good/bad trend, I don't think I would (personally) use that for a purchasing decision.  I'm sure the decision to go with "10" has a lot of MS marketing (rather than logic) behind it. 

I tend to always question advertising as "what aren't they telling me or how are they trying to fool me?"  ;D
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