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Started by Jo Kariboo, July 11, 2013, 09:47:19 am

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Jo Kariboo

Before continuing this picture I would like your opinion. My camera is -10888.2 altitude. I made the following corrections to adjust the atmosphere (ceiling adjust 5.525) (ceiling 44200) (floor -100000).  No idea if the adjustments are good.
What is the formula to restore the atmosphere at a realistic value when the camera is at an altitude of -10888.2.
Thank you.


July 11, 2013, 12:58:49 pm #1 Last Edit: July 11, 2013, 01:02:33 pm by Matt
Those adjustments help, but I would also reduce 'haze density' and 'bluesky density'. How much to reduce them depends on what your settings are for 'haze exp height' and 'bluesky exp height'. Theoretically, if you are using the TG2 defaults of 3000 and 8000, then it's possible to calculate the factors as follows:

e ^ (10888 / 3000) ~= 38
e ^ (10888 / 8000) ~= 3.9

Since your camera is 10888 below sea level, the haze and bluesky at this altitude are multiplied by those factors. Mathematically speaking if you divide your haze density and bluesky density by the factors 38 and 3.9, respectively, you would correct this difference and make it look like sea level. So, for example, if your bluesky density is at the TG2 default of 2, then you would change that to 2 / 3.9 = 0.51. The haze density should be divided by 38, but that's a big change and when looking at your render I feel as though doing that would be quite extreme. I guess that you already reduced the haze somewhat.

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Jo Kariboo

Thank you Matt for answering me. When I have some more free time I'll try your advice with your adjustments.
Pierre  :)