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Started by TheBadger, July 09, 2013, 04:03:55 am

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So I have never made an environment map in any software. But with T3 giving us the tool to do so, I just have a question about then using the new image.

When you get your .EXR out of T3, (or any soft), is it normal and right (for lack of a better word right now) to tone map the image before using the .exr as a environment map for lighting of a 3D object?

Or do you use the .exr without tone mapping???

I need to learn this part of things now, so if someone could push me in the right direction, that be swell.

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I would guess you would not tone map it, simply because you'll affect the dynamic range of your image by doing so.
It's this broad dynamic range which makes a TG exr so damn suitable for using it as IBL or HDR-probe.

If you don't change too much to the atmosphere settings in TG then I think the EXR will have a dynamic range which pretty well represents natural lighting.


Thank you martin.
I have been looking at some videos on line of people doing this stuff. I guess that 3D soft has the ability to apply some process to the HDR in order to show its full dynamic range (in app). So you don't tone map first. The soft effectively tone maps on the fly. And allows you to make changes as you work. So non destructive. (I have been looking at Maya 2014 videos)

Not sure about the words Im using here. I know Im not making the most definitive statements. But at least I feel a little more confident about the basics of using the environment map!

The ability to make maps from T3 will make compositing in other 3D elements much easier and more believable. Im really looking forward to this!
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