Sears Tower 2049 Terrain

Started by Markal, July 19, 2013, 06:19:34 PM

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I just realized I have not contributed guys and gals have given and shared a lot of stuff. So I will start uploading my 2049 terrains for free use. Use and abuse them as you see fit....a mention of the terrain file used or credit of "terrain by Markal" would be nice but, I leave that up to you. First of many is my World Machine 2049 terrain "Sears Tower". I used this file to create "Chaser". Increase the highfield and see this terrain blow your mind!


Very beautiful and thanks for sharing it. I've so many things to learn on TG, so each example is really interesting for me :)


Thanks a lot! I wanted to play with some of these towers. They look like "tourmaline complex silicate". :)
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A question if I may: how'd you design the terrain to produce such result?
A Power Fractal for the planet surface and n heightfield for each tower?


Hey sorry to jump back in. I just wanted to share a reference photo I took. It may be of use to people here, or not. Here it is anyway.

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Thx for your nice sci-fi scene Markal.

I'm curious how is that one build up.

@ TheB.: The thing in your photo looks like some real "Kryptonite"..   :D
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Thanks very much...just catching up on summer as the first flakes have fallen and melted here in the Great White North(white referring to the snow not skin colour for the racially sensitive). I added that as I said same on FB and had a whole whack of comments that were unseemly and had to delete the thread.
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Thankyou. A very interesting file.