TG2 dreams... lol

Started by buchvecny, December 24, 2006, 08:14:40 PM

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Rofl i just noticed that i dreamed about how i made waterfall in Tgen. And i was telling my brother, look im first on the world who created waterfall in Tgen. Anyone else had TG2 dreams? :D


oh man - I get 'em all the time.  Usually about why displacement shaders don't work :(

I'm too sad for words heh


In a way, yes but more like visions... For about i'd say 16 years i have been drawing other worlds that terragen 2 now would be ideal to create within. I just have to wait until some bugs are fixed to realize my visions to how they were originally imagined. No more colored pencil concept drawings for me!     ;D


well yeah.. i always wanted to be landscape photographer but i dont have enough patience and i live in bad place to become one. With TG2 u can make whatever landscape you want, set the light check the composition 10times and then just render it.