A few questions about TG2 planet creation and modifying capabilities

Started by Mephilin, July 23, 2013, 03:48:24 am

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Hello everyone.
I'm very new to TG2, and not very sure if it suits my needs. I'm creating orthogonal-view sci-fi RPG game, and now in urgent need to find good mapping and large-scale terrain modding tool. The closest camera zoom in game is going to be like 20x20 km, so most of the available mapping tools won't go. Could you please tell me if Teragen 2 is capable of next:

1) Proceduraly create whole planet with shape-configurable continents and oceans(mostly to render some awesome pictures for loading screens).
2) Accurately modifying fairly little parts of planet, like 200x200 to 20x20 km (to be able to create mountain ridges, deserts, hills, oceans, lakes, visibly unpassable areas etc).
3) Be able to open saved project at any time, make some changes (like flatten small areas or adding some rocks along a coast), re-render orthogonal view of modified area and replace part of a game map with it. The most important here is to create seamless modifications of an area.

If you know any other software that better suits my needs, tell me please.



I second that, it would be great choice, and all the help you need to get you going can be found here.


agree with the preceding replies...TG3 is the answer you've been seeking
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