dandelO v.s The Antialiaser... FIGHT!

Started by dandelO, July 25, 2013, 10:56:43 pm

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A better title, I thought, than simply "Shifting Moire".

I've fought long and hard with The Antialiaser, since I uploaded some files called 'anisotropic reflective shader' actually, trying to exploit Moire patterns within TG.
If you're not sure what moire is, Uncle Google should help explain. If you are sure what moire is, you'll likely also know that 'The Antialiaser' despises moire and will do anything in its power to eradicate moire from existence!

Luckily, Terragen allows you free reign to whip The Antialiaser's monkey-ass and have beautifully AA'd animation files, that include some tricksy, shifting, morphing moire-shader effects, that I've eventually managed to tame and name my 'Moire-Shaders'. These can be used for some really crazy reflection/colour/translucent/transparency/et cetera functions, How?
Well, I'll never tell! Just wait 'til you see some of the 'real' anisotropic reflective functions, and other goodies, coming soon to a monitor near you... ;)

These are just a couple of test .gif's showing the exaggerated effect, remember, nothing here is animated except camera position above a flat plane object textured with the static Moire Shader.
If they don't display correctly here, try saving the images and using your image viewer/web browser to view them, I can't upload any actual video files right now but these .gif images have been tested in Chrome, Windows Picture Viewer, Quicktime Player and some other image viewers and should display correctly in any of them(when I've previously added .gif images to these forums, some people have said they jurt appeared as static frames, so try some of the above). Sorry about image quality, it's the .gif compression and resizing that I needed to use to get each 100 frame animation small enough to upload here, I'm working on getting the full-res videos up somewhere else soon...




QuoteJust wait 'til you see some of the 'real' anisotropic reflective functions, and other goodies, coming soon to a monitor near you...

Show me now, show me now! :o :o :o :o :o
I alway wonder about how you use the tests you show us. Im looking forward to some new images from you.

Cheers man!

Oh,the first gif does not appear to contain motion. Is that how it should be?
It has been eaten.


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