1st animation - need some advices

Started by kaedorg, August 06, 2013, 11:40:04 am

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As i prepare my 1st animation, i have tried some previous and small renders, i get the different render bmp images but i'd like to know which software
you use to make the animation file and which file type you choose


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Do you mean how to combine all of the frames into a single animation file?
It would be easier to give you instructions if you tell us the software you have, or have access to.

I always use After Effects. But there are plenty of other options if you don't. Some options are free depending on what OS you work on.
If you use After Effects I will be happy to write out the instructions for you. But I don't want to until I know thats what you need.

Rest assured though, it is a rather simple process whatever soft you use.
It has been eaten.


thanks for your help
i don't have access to After Effects and right now i use virtualdub to combine my bmp frames to avi file

i wanted to share experiences about different softwares (specially as the avi file seems to be twinkling)



If it's the clouds that are twinkling try to change the acceleration cache to none in for all clouds. Also check out that you're using global illumination cache.
Twinkling might not be due to the animation making but rather wrong settings in Terragen.