Changing image size crashes TG3 some times.

Started by Kadri, August 10, 2013, 11:50:57 pm

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As the thread name says image size changes are more dangerous now for me.
It crashes TG3 not always but enough to make me save the project before changing.

By the way , trying to change the image size with "Lock size to image aspect ratio" checked is annoying.
It is a nice new feature but after one change the cursor goes to the beginning of the field.
Is this deliberate ?

I use big image files (10 000x10 000) but i did not got so much crashes before.

TG 3 64 bit , Windows 8 64 bit.


Hi Kadri,

What do you mean about image size changes? Do you mean changing the Size parameter in the Image map shader?

The problem on Windows with changing the image size parameter when the aspect ratio checkbox is checked is known about.