Bug Report: trImage Unable to Allocate Pixel Map

Started by Cyber-Angel, June 12, 2007, 12:52:37 AM

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I wanted to do a crop render on an image i started and got an error (See Screen Capture) and was unable to proceed I was able to get the TGD saved as well. The image size is 1020 x 1020.

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The indicated size of the image map is much larger than it should be. Most likely you have the crop settings reversed - i.e. you have the Left extent set in the Right extent control. Make sure that the left slider is not further right than the right slider, and likewise for the top and bottom ones.

- Oshyan



In a way this almost the opposite of a bug, because it's warning you it can't do something and recovering gracefully. It's a feature ! :-) OTOH, the message could be friendlier and I wish it would report sizes in MB and not bytes. I'm not even sure exactly what that number is let alone mentally dividing it by 1024 and then 1024 again to get to the sort of number I'd recognise ;-).




Hi Jo its 326.120292663574 Megabytes to get this I used Bit Calculator which can be found here:


Regards to you