Lazy river

Started by Lady of the Lake, September 01, 2013, 10:09:46 pm

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Lady of the Lake

Lupine by Walli, cattails by Dune, trees by X-Frog, sorry don't know about the canoe.

Can someone tell me why this looks so "grainy"?  I tried lots of things to make it better, to no avail.  (TG3, free version)

Thanks for looking.


What are your render settings and atmosphere settings? Looks like there is a lot of haze in the atmo.....................may not have your settings high enough.


Lady of the Lake

At one time I had the haze setting at 0, but when I rendered it was .117, samples 34, height 0.   Render setting, as high as the free version will allow which is AA4 and detail .6.    Mitchell-Netrnali, default GI settings, checked DOF with noise reduction, Def atmosphere.  I tried the sun at different locations and elevations; couldn't seem to get anything better.  :-(


I know you said you tried a lot of different sun positions; but, consider the upper right hand corner of the scene. You need to get some light on the water for a more effective scene. Play with the altitude ... maybe at 18 or lower. Even try moving the sun more to the right. Then, work with your GI settings.


I like this scene, but there's something funny about the water. It's very dark. Is that on purpose? For a pleasing scene like this I'd use 'normal' water, just decrease the biggest wave size from 10 to 0.5, and maybe transparency from 10m to 3m or so. Maybe also reduce wave roughness to 0.005 or 0.01. I would also increase coverage of trees on the furthest bumps where the river bends, maybe all the way down to the water. Isn't the default atmo node working good enough here?

Lady of the Lake

Will try all suggested but don't think I want the sun on the other side of the water.  I think I want the shadows coming from the other side.  Back later.

Lady of the Lake


Lowered some of the trees in the bend of the river.  Changed the color of the water....a little "muddy" now.   Changed the position of the sun a bit, brightened the right willow tree, changed the pixel filter to sharp, and increased the GI settings.

Comments, please.

Jo Kariboo

Yes better, nice improvement !!!


Looks much better............... ;D

Lady of the Lake

Thanks for your help everyone.  Appreciated. ;D


Good rework here, much improved.


Yes, this is really much better.



That does look nice. Colors are much more true now.


I like the heavy atmo here... Real lazy feel...nicely done!