Apollo 20 - Animation

Started by dandelO, September 30, 2013, 01:24:31 pm

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Here is some of the missing Apollo 20 footage that I got hold of recently.

Higher resolution frames can be found in the image sharing section under the same title.
This was purposely made in the style of a typical, low quality, Youtube 'Moon-Hoax/conspiracy' video that you might stumble on at those times, usually late at night, when you seem to have ended up in Weird Street by clicking on a semi-interesting 'Related Videos' link an hour and a half ago, from an entirely unrelated video.

One of my friends didn't see how one particular Moon-Hoax video that he showed me could have possibly been faked in some 3D package, like I told him it was. I made this in one night with Terragen and some animation post work.
This will be posted to Youtube under a fake name, I'll just leave it there for a couple of weeks to get a few viewings and then I'll ensure my friend 'accidentally' finds it, SHOWS IT TO ME, says "So, how do you explain THAT?" When I'll promptly laugh and crank open the project files before his very eyes! :D

The high quality video was going be posted to YT but, in this case, looking at the quality loss from the .mp4 compression actually adds to the authenticity, I think. I might just upload a compressed version after all...

Cheers! :)

* Oops! Attachement is a few kb too big, I'll edit this in a few minutes with a smaller video. *



You nailed it................let us know when you post to YT. I wanna see the comments................. :)


Blur as blurring from the focus. It does not look believable.


Cheers, Yossam, will do. :)

Reshavskyi: Looks to me as real as any other Apollo imagery I've ever seen! ;)


Haha! Ohhh you'll drive the conspiracy theorists nuts.

- Oshyan


Nicely done Martin! should really get them going  8)


Cheers! I'll upload to YT tomorrow hopefully. The channel name is 'Bapho Mendes', but it's empty at the moment, you can still subscribe to get the numbers up, if you like, and notified of any uploads of course, I might do some more.


I could not find your channel..............any links?  ::)



It has been eaten.

lat 64

I'm a half century plus ten yrs old. Yikes!


Feel free to like/dislike/share/comment/create a war between the Youtube crazies/abuse the uploader/etc.

I only ask one thing: PLEASE, don't disclose what you know to be the truth in the comments, this could be a lot of fun just to sit back and watch as the mentals slowly get their hands on it! I can foresee them probably pointing out completely unrelated anomalies that even I haven't designed or imagined! Got some more stills and footage of different angles that show some new interesting revalations about this lunar landmark, I'll update as soon as the post work is done. :)