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Started by yossam, October 07, 2013, 02:50:08 pm

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Yossam  telekinesis or not, things and people can move in a bar

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Good one.

Hope when the end of the world comes this stuff really happens. Personally Im a little put off by The raining fire, earthquake scenarios, they just don't sound like a lot of fun.
Yeah, Zombies, or humans gaining super powers and then destroying the world sounds a little more interesting, If I had to choose.  ;)

I would point out that when these pranks are pulled, the victims never stand there and say something like "yeah right", Or, "I can see the wires". They always believe their lying eyes.

I personally find it worthy of comment that there seems to be no difference in effect whether or not the victim of the hoax is a "believer" or an agnostic, or an atheist. Anecdotal, maybe so, but it tells us something about humans, doesn't it.

Fun video!
It has been eaten.


Strange, the videos don't show up. None of them... all black  >:(