Check for update does not work?

Started by russe166, November 11, 2013, 03:21:15 am

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As a licensed user I tried to use the Update Notification built-in to TG3, but it always says that there is no update available. So I downloaded the update over my account, but there it says that it is limited to 10 downloads. How can I fix the Update Notification, so that I can update automatically?

Currently I have the build and did not update to the new version. In the beginning I used the free version and added the license key without new installing.

Looking forward to your answer. Thanks a lot.
Kind regards,


Hi Michael,

I'm not sure why you're having problems with the update checker. If it says "There are no new updates for Terragen 3" then that suggests the check was run successfully, in other words it was able to connect to our server and make the check. If it "For some reason the Software Update version check was unsuccessful. Please try again later." then something did go wrong with the update check.

One thing you might try is to go to the Preferences window (Edit menu -> Preferences) and choose the Software Update panel. Click the "Reset Ignored Versions" button and then click the "Check For Updates Now" button. I'm not sure that will make any difference but it's something to try.

Out of interest, do you have "Automatically check for updates" preference turned on?




Hi Jo!

It worked. Now I got Build version   "Automatically check for updates" preference was turned on and I remember there was once a
window about updating Terragen but I did not do it then.

Thank you for your help.