Help with redirect shader

Started by alessandro, December 10, 2013, 07:03:50 pm

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Hi folks, I'm still learning the basics and I'd like to ask a hint about the Redirect Shader.
I'm using it as shown in the attached file; I'd like to limit the Redirect Shader effect on a certain altitude range.
So I just linked a Distribution Shader (setting the wanted altitude range) to the PFS that provides X and Z input to the Redirect Shader, but it's not working as expected.
Would somebody teach me a little about it? Thanks


I made some changes to your file. With the distribution shader you should use final position, and (!) take the right minimum height. It was at 2500, while it's now much lower, working fine. I also added another Power Fractal, just for fun. Hope this helps you on your way.
Lateral displacement is not necessary with a redirect shader, by the way. The PF uses the X, Y or Z direction anyway (by your choice). Only if you'd add a PF as displacer straight away and you need only lateral displacement, that would work only if you have a compute normal before it.


Thanks a lot, really appreciated. I know see what I was doing wrong :)