Tab Key Indexing

Started by jaf, May 23, 2009, 11:38:48 am

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Hi everyone,
On Terragen 3 (osx) , is there any index at all?
Because when I am in the render menu for example, here is how hitting TAB works for me:

If I click on the "Image width" field for example, then enter numbers, when I hit TAB, I get the focus on the arrows on the right (.. well.. that is fine)... but when I hit TAB again (to enter "image Height").. the focus is set on the Render Node "Name" field at the top...(not so nice), then hitting TAB again takes me to the settings button on the right of the name field (...) and finally if I continue to hit tab, I get caught in a loop back and forth between the "name" field and the setting button...., so i have to use mouse to get out of there.
This happens in every menu of Terragen for me.

I am doing something wrong? Or is it a known problem ?


Hi mathieubr,

I guess you have Full Keyboard Access turned on? I turned it on (I don't usually have it on) and see the same behaviour. This isn't something I knew about and I'll have a look at it today.





Turning full keyboard access off solved my problem.
Thank you!
Would be nice to be able to use Terragen with full keyboard access on though.
Hope there is a solution for a future update!