Serious graphic or memory issue?

Started by TheBadger, January 13, 2014, 12:10:37 am

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Dont know what causes this, and don't know what the problem is called. But it only ever happens when I use TG, as far as I know.

(See image below)

THis happened to me in the past only when I was using tons of memory Big objects in Gigabytes. Now it happens every work session several times. brought on by any number of actions. I can list them if you like, but I don't think what Im doing is the problem.

At the very least It would be nice if someone could define this issue so I can attempt to find some way to mitigate it on my end.

Hope its clear from the image what I am talking about.

Thank you.
It has been eaten.


I have that too sometimes, think it's memory. Since the preview became multithreaded I have more problems with TG (including this and crashes), I'm sorry to say.


Hi Michael,

I've never seen this myself, even when using lots and lots of memory. It's possible that a problem I've fixed just recently might have something to do with this but I'm not sure. What graphics card do you have?




ATI Radeon HD 5870:

  Chipset Model:   ATI Radeon HD 5870
  Type:   GPU
  Bus:   PCIe
  Slot:   Slot-1
  PCIe Lane Width:   x16
  VRAM (Total):   1024 MB
It has been eaten.