Aborting Populator Crashes TG3

Started by PabloMack, December 24, 2013, 10:06:14 AM

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Hi Michael,

Quote from: TheBadger on January 14, 2014, 12:05:32 AM
OR if it would be easier for you (it propbably would for me) I can try to use this screen recorder thing and just send you a short video of what Im doing as it happens with the .tgd... I could have the activity monitor on the screen too, if that would help at all?

It would be easier for us to have the project and steps to reproduce, because it means we can look at what's happening using the debugger. The project is most useful because although you can generally describe what you're doing sometimes it all hinges on one particular thing which doesn't seem worth mentioning :-). If we have trouble reproducing it then the movie could be handy to see what you're doing more exactly, but we'll ask if we need it. The Activity Monitor probably wouldn't help in this case I'm guessing.




Ok, jo! I just wanted an excuse to finally use that thing. Ill do it as soon as I finish this tasty pizza.


QuoteI'm curious why you'd think this would be a population problem and not a Simple Shape problem.
Because without doing one other thing, TG crashes when I hit populate... JUst not every time, but like I said, 2-3 out of 5. It will crash at other times for apparently other reasons too.

I don't doubt that it may be something else. IM just not qualified to say. And yet when I post I have to explain my self somehow. So I gotta make a guess based on what I learn from other peoples posts. Im not even trying to become an expert on this. I have enough trouble making art.

But even so, I do enjoy reading proper explanations. And I try to retain and adapt what I can. So don't stop trying.

Lastly, I don't really understand why you say, "You *are* doing some rather unusual things with both the Simple Shape and the Populator". Fundementally, Im doing exactly what they are for, that is, creating a shape and mask, and populating. What does TG care that my scales are so big, or that its happing in outer space?  ;D

I understood even before I started that TG can do this. I just needed a good bit of help to get there. But the reason I knew that it could do it, is because its basic. I can see in any number of posts everything I have done working for other people. I just used the nodes for a different purpose. Ok, maybe I stretch things a little bit beyond their intended use. But its not like Im trying to get a cloud node to look like a stone or something. I haven't tried to use the nodes for anything other than what they do, fundamentally.

Maybe Im wrong completely.  But Im not going to know just because you do. I need my hand held with this stuff, because it is so completely outside of my education and experience. Frankly though, based on what I saw happening to me, and what I read in this thread, I thought the problem was related. Why wouldn't I think that a thread about a poplator bug was related to a crash that happend to me when I hit populate? Maybe the bug just works better and I don't have to hit cancel first.  ;) ;D :P

It has been eaten.


It has been eaten.


One small additional thing, which I might have mentioned before. Sometimes a 0 (zero) gets accidentally in a textfield (mainly because my Dutch version of windows remembers a ' every time I start TG, and e.g. '350 will be translated into 0 ), and if a zero gets in the textfield for population spacing, an immediate crash occurs. Perhaps a warning popup would help, stating the error, and just an end to populating the particular pop.


Hehe, ok. Well a couple of things.

First, this thread is about a very specific issue with the populator, a crash when you hit abort. Other issues to do with the populator really deserve their own thread for discussion. Otherwise it just gets confusing. If every issue having to do with the populator was in a single thread, it'd be 20 pages or something. ;)

Now, I didn't know that it crashed *when you hit populate*, if that was in your original description I must have missed it; my impression was it crashed *when you changed a value in Simple Shape*, suggesting that it was a problem with Simple Shape and not necessarily the populator. Now that you've added that critical piece of info, that it happened *when you pressed populate*, then absolutely it could be a problem with the populator; it really could be a problem with either one at this point, but it was much more likely to have been a Simple Shape issue before I knew that it occurred when you populated. Which just reinforces the importance of laying out every single step you take to reach an issue, because the specific steps are usually critical.

- Oshyan


I think in this case, its both, Oshyan.

I think I was reporting a crash, but really I was seeing several different problems with this file at once. I will be surprised if all I brought up and sent to jo is just one issue effecting in 3 different ways. Although that would probably be good news?

I'll understand everything better when you guys figure out everything and tell us what is really happening. THen next time Ill know better how to report.

Excluding just learning how to use Terragen, this is the most complex series of problems I have run into my self. Until now no other problem actually stopped me from working altogether.

Any news on this?
It has been eaten.


Well, to be clear, one crash is not the same as another crash. A crash in the populator that has to do with changing e.g. spacing is not the same as a crash that happens when you abort the population phase. They should be discussed separately, plain and simple, because they are not necessarily related (they have to do with 2 different functions, even though they're the same node).

Did you send your file direct to Jo or were you intending me to forward it?

- Oshyan


I sent it to him like he asked.

But I was hoping you had some info.  ;D YOur a small company, but your all thousands of miles apart. YOu may as well be a gigantic company then.

It has been eaten.