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Started by danielpferreira, December 26, 2006, 06:51:16 am

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First of all, thanks a lot for making the technology preview available to the public. Terragen is an amazing piece of software and this second version is much more powerful than the previous one.
I really like the new features and the idea of a node based interface, although I would like to have more features, like the ability to enter expressions using environmental variables.
The preview window is useful and very accurate and the fact that it's recorded in 3D and that you can move tha camera once it's generated is very cool, although I would like to have the possibility of visualizing a low resolution wireframe of the scene for fast camera placing.
The clouds are very realistic, but when "zooming out" and viewing the planet from the space, the repetitive fractal patterns can be seen. It would be very nice if the cloud masses would form some realistic shapes when viewed from space, blending between different fractal algorithms between "planetary level" to "close up".
As for the object populations, it would be nice to have the possibility of visualizing then as shaded boxes instead of wireframe to get a better idea of distribution. I also think that the grass can be very difficult to set up, because is not easy to see the scale in the viewport and the results can be different than expected, but I have to do more tests.

These are the first things that came to my mind after playing with it a couple days.

Here are some renders I produced.

Once more, thanks for making the preview available!

- Daniel


The Geostation

Great renders, particularly the clouds in the last one and the perspective in both.

Andrew Randle
The Geostation
Andrew Randle
The Geostation


The view from above is one of the best renders and most impressive of this type I have yet seen.


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Those are awesome looking images!
You seem to create beautiful clouds quite easily  ;D

edit: you have been working at blur studios I see, seems to explain something  ;)


Hi Daniel, thanks for the feedback. Of course there is much room for improvement from this Technology Preview to the final version. We are taking all these suggestions into consideration and will create as polished and well-rounded a finished product as we can. You can particularly expect better interaction with and control of the scene, more ways to manipulate objects and terrain, etc.

However it's hard to say whether things like a blended planet-scale and local-scale cloud system would be something we would implement. The intention of TG2 is to allow people the flexibility to create their own such setups, and then share them if they are inclined to do so. We may create presets that produce the kind of results you're looking for, but it's equally likely someone else will come up with a solution before then and post instructions for it here. That person might even be you. :D

That is not to say we don't want to enable people's visions as much as possible, but we could spend huge amounts of time creating specific setups to match different realistic environments, and that wouldn't leave much time for enhancing the core. No matter how much time we spend developing specific scenarios, there will always be more development time and ability in the greater community. We do hope to strike a good balance between providing good baseline tools and easily facilitating more demanding requirements like yours.

- Oshyan


Amazing renders. Would you mind sharing some of your settings for your clouds?


wonderful renders daniel! (you got to work at blur..lucky) would you mind shareing some of your technquie?


The world is round... so you have to use spherical projection.


amazing renders daniel, some of the best pics I've seen already! congrats



Great renders!

Oshyan, I love TG2 and expect everything you say will happen will happen.  Having a core program like this at our fingertips is simply amazing.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


I would have to agree with the rest of these guys, excellent renders. Please let us in on the tgd's to see how the are done. I myself am still learning the clouds and have the same space problems you descirbed.


Those are very good observations and a nice wish list for the final release; although what you mention about a global cloud system its already attainable without the fractal pattern using masks and tinkering with the scale and settings of the cloud layer.