Indie film seeks Terragen artist to create Siberian landscape.

Started by hv, January 15, 2014, 03:44:13 pm

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We are looking for a Terragen artist to create some mountainous terrain that can be comped into the background of a couple live action shots. The first shot shows only a very small piece of the rocky terrain in the distance above the trees. The terrain will be feature prominently in the background of the second shot, but the focus is on the foreground action. The attached photo will give you an idea of the type of terrain we need to create.

The scene was shot on a frozen lake on the Estonian/Russian border. We need to add the mountains because the scene is meant to take place on Lake Baikal in Siberia. The live action footage was shot on RED and will be finished at 4k resolution. Snow and fog will added with Houdini.

We are an entirely crowdfunded indie film so our budget is very low, but we have a lot of support online and an amazing team on board to finish the film. Our crowdfunding campaigns have been backed almost 1,500 times by people from 43 countries and we have one of the most popular indie film Twitter accounts (over 150,000 followers).

If you're interested please email or private message us.