Workflow - Combining Modelling, CAD, and Terragen.

Started by EdBardet, January 18, 2014, 01:49:57 PM

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I finally found a work flow that allows me to do all I want. Utilizing the best of modelling, CAD and Terragen.

I design scratch built model boats from historical material. I make patterns from the design and also would like to display the design in a realistic (and animated) environment.

My tools of Choice are TurboCad (TC), Cinema4D(C4D), and (definitely not least) Terragen(TG). C4D is a great modelling method but cannot easily prepare detailed plans. I was doing most of my work in TC and then coming to TG.

I've established the following workflow that works for me.

The initial modelling and rendering is done in C4D, without procedural shaders, and the model is saved as a .3DS file, along with the rendering jpg's needed. That file is run into PoseRay and converted to .obj and .mtl files that TG's object reader will accept. When I decide to build a model, in the real world, I can take the C4D file and export it as a DXF which TurboCad can read and I can prepare detailed and scaled plans very easily.

So endith a very frustrating month or so. As a sage(?) bit of advise - If you are having workflow problems, step away from your current workflow and take a fresh look at it. Maybe the sequence of steps is wrong.



As I mentioned over on the C4D forum, I'm not sure that exporting to 3DS gets you any benefit. It was not using procedural textures that was probably the key. Try a direct export to OBJ and load straight into TG3. Even if that doesn't work, a quick pass through Poseray, without even having to change format, ought to fix it. So likely a simpler workflow.

- Oshyan