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Started by yossam, January 20, 2014, 10:02:42 pm

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It would be great when the rest of us can afford one of these though.


20 years or so ago i would have said great or interesting etc.
All that mind and technology for killing....Now only disgusting comes to my mind.



This weapon has been around for a little while now. Or rather the aiming system has, there is nothing new about the gun its self at all. The system shown in the video goes for about $20,000 dollars ad can be purchased now by civilians.

Do you hunt? Do you eat meat? Or are you a vegetarian?

This weapon with the right ballistic will take down an animal instantaneously. Un- like a cow, which smells the blood of the cows who just got their brains smashed in at the slaughterhouse, and lives its last moments in terror. The animal this rifle kills (used properly) dies without a moment of pain or fear. The system in the video also reduces the chance of mistaken targets (other hunters, protected animals, and in combat; civilians among others)

Hunters to not enjoy when they miss and their target suffers. Neither do the solders I know.

The only disgusting thing is war its self. But war is a certainty for every generation. It would be wrong not to develop precision weapons for war, just as it would be wrong to practice 18th century medicine knowing what we know today. Weapons like this shorten the suffering of people and animals, by shortening the length of the conflict.

But it depends like in all things who is holding this weapon, and why.

Do to the nature of the system, they will never end up in gangland, or a school shooting.
It has been eaten.


"War itself" kills more people with these kind of weapons and this isn't about mercy etc.
It is to shoot faster and better and to kill more .

"But it depends like in all things who is holding this weapon, and why. "
All the same excuses.
These weapon will kill some students in the future it is just a matter of time.
Then you will search for other excuses etc.

But no need to say the same things all the time .
You like weapons i hate them.
So anything we say will not change much here Michael.


Kadri, I dont love weapons. And war makes me sick. But if I or my son are sent to war, then I want to win.

And everyone hunts where I live. Many here hunt because thats how they feed their families for the year (bulk of their meat consumption). And regardless if we hunt because we want to, or because we have to, none of us want the animal to suffer.

It is not about changing your mind or the mind of anyone else . It is about simple facts. This targeting system does not work for a machine gun. It is for a single shot, long range (long gun). It is so the shooter can put one round down range and drop the target. Its a scalpel, not a tank.

A mass murder can kill more people with a can of gasoline then with this weapon.
It has been eaten.


But yes, I am arguing a little. Because at $20,000 I would buy a new (new used) car before I got one of these. But the idea of it I like.
It has been eaten.


I follow the non-aggression principle (no aggression unless threat of my life). In a perfect world there would be no guns. I do not want "anyone" to have guns. I also believe in the natural right to protect life and defend myself if I have to and if that means a Gun as a very last resort, so be it. There will be events and this is nothing new where seconds matter, the Cops may only be minutes away. Time means everything. Sorry, I just can not take that gamble. I would rather have a woman who is about to be raped shoot the rapist rather then being a defenseless victim. Tazers are not always a guarantee. You get one shot as best. Pepper Spray... again, a gamble given how the scenario turns out.


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War is all about "who is in control". If you ask me, this product's weak link is that the gun is still under the control of the old-fashion rifleman. In that way it is still "low tech". We are in the midst of a technological revolution. Chances are good that, if some criminal used such a tool to knock off someone else illegally, immorally or unethically, there is a drone up there watching and recording him doing it without his knowledge.