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Still iced in...............temps are supposed to get above freezing tomorrow thank God. We had a total of about 2-3 inches of snow but the temperature fell rather fast turning it into ice. An unofficial count put the traffic accidents at about 1300, and a bunch of people left their vehicles wherever they got stuck. The photo below was taken this morning...........this is the busiest section of the Atlanta interstate system. It is always packed with cars...........The Governor declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard to help with this mess.

Like I posted earlier............FUBAR.


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You are fortunate that you live in the South. This kind of weather is routine for people who live up North. I grew up in Denver and I don't miss the snow and ice. I live in Houston now and I think we were just on the edge of what blew through your neck of the woods. But it still froze here last night and we should also be thawing out today. You may know this but the Texas Tech Red Raiders have a mascot modelled after Yosemite Sam. "That rabbit just burrrrrrrrrns me up!"


Living in Canada, you'll get no sympathy from me...  ;)


Here you can see the cold wave.


I'm not asking for the article below.

This happened 3 years ago also............. :-[


Still hard to understand how a bit of ice can cause such problems. Must be that the people are just not used to driving in this weather.

Out here in the West it has been dry and mostly unseasonably warm. By this time of the year we have a nice snow cover that does not melt until March at the earliest on the northern side of the house. This year the ground is bare. Strange weather, indeed.


This is how they run water into houses in the South. Guess what happens when you get a hard freeze.



That is an outside faucet.............water runs from inside the house to the hose.  :P


See the pipe coming from the ground? That comes from the meter next to the street. If you turn off the valve with the green handle (facing away from you) you cut the water off to your whole house. The pipe going *into* the brick is your water supply. The silver handle (on top) controls the water to the lawn spigot. The last house we had was just like this and is the standard way of plumbing in the Houston area (no joke). Of course we are further south than even Atlanta so this is how the construction people justify this kind of bull corn shoddy construction. "Let the new home owner worry about broken pipes. We got our money. Now let's get outta here and build another shoddy house."


I have never seen that in my life.............sorry for the previous post.  :-[


Quote from: yossam on January 31, 2014, 11:28:44 pmI have never seen that in my life.............sorry for the previous post.  :-[

Not a problem. Your disbelief says: "Nahhhh! Nobody would build something that bad!" I would agree with you if I didn't have first-hand experience. If you came to Houston I could show you whole subdivisions built this way. Ryland and Brighton built all of the houses in Village Grove where there must have been a thousand houses but are actually in Pasadena.