Bending Plants? Mesh Displacer ?

Started by mathieubr, February 02, 2014, 03:32:46 am

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I am creating several landscapes with grass or ground cover plants appearing quite close to the camera. To increase variety and realism I would like to randomly bend the plants. I know I can use a bent model and rotate it randomly, but is there a way to directly bent the meshes a little bit to produce more random results? Is it what the Mesh Displacer is for? How does this work?
Thanks a million!


Or if not, you can populate the area with a mixture of grass types (add several populations) so that the landscape doesn't look bleak. I found Mr.Lamppost's grass packs very useful to that end but that's probably not the kind of answer you were expecting.  ;)
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Hi Mathieu,

Mesh displacement can be used to deform objects, but it will affect all instance the same way. I hope this is something we can solve in future. There's some more information about it here:,16609.msg162562.html#msg162562

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