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Started by yossam, February 07, 2014, 01:03:25 am

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cyphyr is merely me being "cryptic"

I had a band called Cypher back in .the day. We thought we were so cool and original. Apparently not! :D We shortly after changed it to Drum Monkey.

I know it's shocking I keep stumbling on other variants.  Also I like (inherited from my father) spelling words without vowels :)

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"masonspappy" is simple enough.  Mason is my 8 old year old grandson and he calls me pap-pap. Very undramatic, but I like it. ;)


There is some funny stuff in this thread!

I chose TheBadger because when I discovered Terragen, I saw a lot of people using it in the forums from very famous cities. But no one that I know of from my city/state.
And I just could not let it it go that a city like mine was not represented here.

Also, the Badger is a moody ill tempered guy who likes his sleep. So I thought it a fine handle for me. And then there is this Badger, who I liked a good bit when I was a lot younger:
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Quote from: TheBadger on February 08, 2014, 12:12:57 pmI chose TheBadger because when I discovered Terragen, I saw a lot of people using it in the forums from very famous cities. But no one that I know of from my city/state.

So what is your City/State? (Do you mind me asking?)


choronr: a combination of my last and first names - Choronzuk and Robert. Choronzuk is a Ukranian/Russian name and phonetically pronounced 'Hor-on-chuk' (don't forget to roll the R in Hor). In Russian, it means Lieutenant. When my grandparents arrived at Ellis Island, they somehow came up with English spelling.


Hetzen was a typo. I looked up what it meant in german and thought 'sod it, that'll do'


Pablo, where do the Badgers live?  ;D
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Michael, even though TheBadger was not your first choice, and as you alluded to in an earlier thread that someone else had already claimed "Badger", seems to me that you are indeed "THE Badger". The whole game of nicknames and 'handles' is indeed a curious one, but nontheless an enjoyable sharing.


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lol!  ;D 
"That A hole!"
"The Badger!"
"Oh, yea, I know what you mean."

Well at least people know me, thats something I guess  ;D Thanks Zaxxon! that made me feel good for some reason  :)

By the way.

When Oshyan finally does kick me out of here. Im going the way I came in! Kicking and screaming, and covered in someone elses blood!.. Or something like that  :o
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Hannes is almost my real name. Officially my name is Hans-J├╝rgen, but I hate that name. Since I was a small kid, everyone called me Hannes. Even my mum. Hans and Hannes are german short versions of Johannes, which is the latin version of John.


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Quote from: TheBadger on February 11, 2014, 10:28:08 amPablo, where do the Badgers live?  ;D

Actually, they have quite a wide distribution depending on the species. The only one I've seen in the wild is the Honey Badger or Ratel in Namibia (Southern Africa).


So you are the official representative from the famous city of Madison, Wisconsin?  I knew a "Sconnie" in grad school. That's what she said you call yourselves. I don't know about the spelling, though.


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Somehow I just knew you would post a population map, Pablo ;) "Sconnie" is a way of saying wisconsinite while preserving or promoting the accent here. I have a little of it, I don't think its too noticeable though.

We are nothing like the people in the movie "Fargo" though. THats a real pronounced accent that I have never heard a real person here demonstrate.

I never would have guessed that Johannes was latin. I would have thought it norwegian or something.

Is german language rooted in latin? I studied Cyrillic in college, Russian, so Im a little familiar with greek too. But I don't know much of anything about the root languages of Western Europe.

Totally off topic, but I just learned DNA testing shows that "Native American Indians" are all descendant from central and eastern europeans. I guess it connects to the root language part of this.
Anyway, I find it all really interesting because Im a nerd... And growing proud of it!
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@Badger: yes, Johannes is the latin version of the greek version "Ιωάννης" (Ioannis) of the hebrew name Yochanan ("ch" pronounced kind of scottish, like in "Loch Ness").
Most popular people with this name are (translated) John the baptist, John the apostle and John Cleese ;)