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Started by yossam, February 07, 2014, 01:03:25 am

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Badger mentioned something about this in a different thread...........thought I would get the ball rolling.  :)

yossam is short for Yosemite Sam. I got this nickname when I was in college. This was early 70's (a long time ago). I was 6' 11" and weighed about 200 lbs. My hair was in a ponytail down to about the middle of my back and I had a full beard. At that time my beard was almost orange in color and my hair was kinda reddish brown. Yes, I guess you might catagorize me as a "damn hippie". My football and basketball coaches kinda frowned on the hair and I got my hair cut kinda short and shaved my beard (most of it). I left a big, orange handlebar mustache........Yosemite Sam.  ;D  Also the schools' colors were orange and white, so my mustache matched my uniforms.


Kaedorg is the name I used in MMORPG when i played with my 2 children.
We played together World of Warcraft and Rift.

Now, as they both live and study in Paris, we stop to play but I keep this name.
It reminds me a lot of very fun evenings.



Dune hardly needs explaining, but I came to use it after a short holiday on an island here (lots of beautiful dunes), so it has a very positive feeling for me. I didn't really like the book 'Dune' by Frank Herbert (though I love SF, but not the fantasy/warrior stuff), so it's not that.


Dandelo is a character from a series of Stephen King books called The Dark Tower. A psychic vampire who feeds off the laughter of his victims, like a stand-up comedian that is constantly telling jokes so you don't even  know you're dying, you're laughing so much.
it is also an anagram of the street he lives on, Oddlane, that's  why I use a capital O and small d. :)


cyphyr is merely me being "cryptic"

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great thread!
mine is not too exciting really...
inkydigit - I studied fine and applied art at university, specializing in printmaking, in my final year I concentrated on combining traditional printmaking techniques with digital processes, hence the moniker 'inkydigit'
Oh I also liked the play on words meaning 'finger covered in ink'!


Kadri is my real name and means worth, value; honor in English.
In some places it says that it is a female name.
It is a male name.
The female form is Kadriye. At least in Turkish.
This is a link for how it is pronounced:


I like Mars....

Plus I used to use red_planet_ranger as a username many years ago on Yahoo...


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PabloMack is an approximate contraction of my name. My friends in college would call me Pablo. Mack is often used as an abbreviation for any of the Mac' or Mc' Scotish/Irish sirnames. BTW, I think it was me who brought up Yosemite Sam when mentioning his likeness to "Raider Red" (Texas Tech's Mascot).


Quote from: yossam on February 07, 2014, 01:03:25 am...My hair was in a ponytail down to about the middle of my back and I had a full beard. At that time my beard was almost orange in color and my hair was kinda reddish brown.

Since 2003 I have been developing some scifi screen plays around a character that kinda sorta fits your description. My delima is finding an actor that is suitable for the part. You wanna audition?   ;)


jaf is very unexciting.  It's the initials for my name. :-\
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Quote from: cyphyr on February 07, 2014, 06:02:45 am
cyphyr is merely me being "cryptic"

I had a band called Cypher back in .the day. We thought we were so cool and original. Apparently not! :D We shortly after changed it to Drum Monkey.


Fleetwood is my actual middle name and was my grandfather's name.
However I tend to think I got it because I was conceived in the back of a Cadillac.


Otakar is part of name of the first Czech king that I used first in a PBEM fantasy game called Eressea. That was fun!


My dad had a Cadillac like that.............. :)


Zaxxon was an arcade shooter video game from the early eighty's (I know - age revealing datum). Essentially the first attempt at a 3D experience through a trick called 'axonometric projection', after a small fortune issued up in quarters trying to conquer the 'Boss' robot I sorta felt I had paid for the use of the title and have used it ever since.