2 realworld terrain data sets

Started by bing66, February 09, 2014, 07:09:11 am

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Hi all, new to the forum and after some extensive searching and head scratching, i was hoping someone could help me, please bare with me as this may be  a little complex.
I have 2 data sets for an area, one high rez @ 2m accuracy and 1 @ 50m accuracy, i have altered the 2m terrain in order to clean it up (using 3dstudio max, created a high rez tiff height map, put this through world machine in order to get a .ter file, but now it has rotated slightly and does not sit correctly with the larger terrain file, its in the right place, just rotated.
how can i have the ability to rotate this terrain in terragen 3 is this possible
hope someone can help


Welcome to the forums!

There was recently a discussion about this:

Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment.



Out of curiosity/interest....which area is the 2m resolution from you have?


its an area of N Wales, I also have 25 cm high rez bathymetry data, which I am incorporating, the work flow I am using does not like negative values, so I also have issues with heights, I have worked around this though, have made it all relatively correct, although its not world correct, if you know what I mean, I needed to edit the high rez mesh in zbrush so it lost its real world co-ordinates, but have managed to get it looking right.
There is a real need for conversion software that deals with geo located terrain data and regular 3d data, so that files can be passed between different packages  while keeping there real world positions :) 


Global Mapper can deal with georeferencing, data conversion, etc. but it's not cheap. The real problem here, I think, is using software such as Zbrush that is fundamentally unaware of georeferencing. If you absolutely need to edit the *original*/base terrain with Zbrush or similar then it's unavoidable, but if there are alternate options (such as sculpting just a local area with Zbrush that you import separately), that would probably be preferable.

- Oshyan