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Started by N-drju, February 12, 2014, 04:24:13 am

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What are your ideas as far as crediting the work of others (like models, textures) in your own works is concerned? Sure, here we can just put all the names and nick-names as in-post text. Still it will no longer be visible in the final render.

Ideas, ideas, ideas... anyone?
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I think if the object is very prominent it is nice to credit, but speaking for myself, I'm not pissed off when I recognize some plant or whatever and I'm not credited, just pleased if I am. You can't keep tag of all stuff that you use anyway, but especially for big, important objects, I'd take care to mention the maker.

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I say if you make them freely available to use, don't be disappointed no credit is given.  A lot of people (myself included) have way too many objects to keep track who the original author was.  Sometimes, I download something, knowing it'll come in handy later, but don't even unzip it for weeks or months after. 
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Just say thanks when you download the asset. It stands to reason that if you download it, you will use it.

Besides, if you look through the file sharing section, you will see that there are hundreds of downloads per file and often only two or three thank you posts. How hard is it to just say thanks?
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Quote from: TheBadger on February 12, 2014, 02:52:52 pm
...there are hundreds of downloads per file and often only two or three thank you posts. How hard is it to just say thanks?

My first disappointment here on the forum was when i shared the hard polygon like cloud files and the low res texture files years ago.
Granted it wasn't on the file sharing and the atmosphere on the thread was very positive but still...
If i remember correctly nobody shared that kind of file before.
That is the reason i try to thank in the file sharing section mostly only because of the goodwill of the poster.
I actually don't use any of them generally . It is only for curiosity to see how they used TG3.
There were some tgd's,tgc's i used but i altered them so much for my own needs
i don't felt that i should mention them because they were very different files now.
When i use them in a recognizable format i feel that i should mention them and do so, like in the cell animation thread for example.

I am not so sure how i should act about the commercial objects.
But i think, like we say we used this or that program in our renders we should say from where we used the objects too.

But i can see why not everybody doesn't do the same...