Ocean Water

Started by rcallicotte, July 03, 2007, 04:27:36 pm

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This might be useful as a start to a better look on water.

This includes the Water Shader.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Combined with some foam I think that this could look like some of the most realistic water I've seen from TG2 thus far.  Thanks for sharing!
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Very nice for large rolling waves on a deep ocean!

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Thats some nice water!

What I use for Ocean Effects..Is probably this kind of water:

I use this Type of water for Ocean, Because at where you want it you can make it at least "look" transparent for say near a shore...But if you want a more Deep look, all you need to do is make the water more reflective (that Pictuer is at a reflectivity of 2)



After seeing the H2O reel from here, I've decided to wait to see what TG2 can really do when it's finished.   ;D

So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


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Wow, DD's EFX are one of the best in the industry. You won't compare a half finish software with that, do you?
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Well, TG2 is based on some work that Matt did for Digital Domain back in the day.  I don't think TG2 has anything to do with the water system they're using there, though.
http://www.terragen.org - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


o_b - Rats.   ;D

But, a man can hope.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


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I must admit that water is very lovely. I still want to see waves crashing on a shore with spray some day.    :-[


Yes me as well, but Calico did do some awesome work around for ocean water for now, so that is a start and he did so very good also.  Great work if I never said anything before on the water Calico.

OK FYI guys......

The Terragen tgd2 Preview Monthly Challenges are open and offically up and running.  Go to the Contest area pages on Renderosity for Terragen and at the bottom of that page are the rules and Challenge giving the rules on how we plan to do the Monthly contests with Any, Rich and myself.  I think you all will find it very rewarding, a way to play wide open, and still have some structure to work in between, so get on it boys and girls as we need your support now that we are up and we have them running, not to mention all your help with advise and links to all these posts we have been doing and learning from.

OK see ya'll there guys and looking forward to all the fun we can have.  Also I will be working on PlanetSide to see if I can get them to anti up full versions of tgd2 for milestone Challenges that we can have as we go along. So your support is most important to get that part going, if they see allot of us doing stuff with tgd2, then I am sure the PR Dept will anti up goodies.  I have done this before when I was the Art, Music, sound and video Special group director for the NBMA (North Bay Multimedia Association) in the Bay area about 6 years ago and I am pretty sure I can get it worked out again with PS, with ya'lls help, meaning you all have to enter these things and get there interest going as well as ours.

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I'm probably being a bit dim but the only contests I can find on renderosity specifically say you cant use Terragen technology preview. Could you possibly post a direct link to the relevant page?
neverm,ind ~ found it. It was on the page showing
"Open Contests"
see more...

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Sure its the main Contest page:
but you have to go all the way to the bottom to find it, so here is the link.

It is all the way at the bottom of the contest page in the Terragen section.  Not sure why it is all the way down there, but it is.  Let me know if you still can't get there, and the forum page for this months tgd2 Challenge is:
SO between the 2 you all should be able to get going, and the .ter file is on the page as well for you to grab and download.

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I don't mind being hijacked (LOL), really, but it would be better to announce this from its own heading.  Eh?  This way everyone gets in on it. 

I've downloaded the file and am looking forward to it.  Thanks, DT.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Nice rolling waves! Here's a couple of ocean water images I tried a few months back...


Great detail on the first one!  The lighting and composition of the second looks very nice, although the water looks a little stretched.
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