When exactly do i have to update .gic files ?

Started by mathieubr, February 26, 2014, 05:57:16 AM

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I am rendering still images most of the time, but on a renderfarm, which needs calculated gic file in order to split and distribute image on several nodes.
When preparing the scene, I am wondering when I actually need to update the .gic file.

I understand that I need to update if changes are made to terrain, shaders, objects, lighting... but
Do I need to update if render settings like Anti Aliasing, Quality etc.. are changed for example?

So my question is: can you list the parameters or settings changes that require to recalculate the gic ?

Thank you!


It's probably easier to list the settings you can change *without* updating GIC files as many, many settings and shaders could affect a GI solution and thus necessitate updating the cache.

More specifically in answer to your question, I believe the only render setting changes which would invalidate the cache are the GI settings themselves as the GI Cache Detail is now independent of main Detail. Matt would be able to say for certain, hopefully he'll jump in here.

- Oshyan


I had a forum chat with Ulco and Matt on roughly the same problem just a few days ago. Have a look at that (mostly the latter part):


So you see, I think what we came to is that AA and detail has little or no influence on GI in general. Why, right now I am rendering my first image with the use of cache file at AA=5, det=0.722 and the .gic file was made at very low quality (for speed.) Still, I can see no adverse changes in the final high quality, high res image. So my answer would be - no. If you change just AA and det it should still work.
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