Import objects right in front of the camera?

Started by yesmine, February 26, 2014, 03:28:42 PM

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Perhaps a stupid question when I hear the answer, but I haven't been able to find a way yet:

Is there a way to import an object so it lands right in front of whatever camera is currently active (short of placing the camera at the origin)? Sometimes I need to place an object as a reference point and, since I'm usually looking at the spot through the camera, it would be a time saver if I could import it right in front of the camera, where it's immediately accessible.


Try right clicking in the 3d preview window where you want the object located. This will bring up a menu. Select copy coordinates...........paste the info into the objects location parameters.


There was a thread about this a while ago.
There are different ways like Yossam wrote.
It is harder when you see only the sky.
The way i use is to copy the location of the camera and paste it to the object.
Then you can adjust the objects place or-and the camera very easily.


Maybe this has changed? But I always had a ton of problems once I got the object so close to the camera that the gizmo was out of view. I thought there was a keyboard control for the XYZ position? Or at least I thought I read that there was?

in these images I had just a MOFO of a time getting the big plants near the camera placed right.,14818.0.html

But like I said, it may be better now. I have not tried to get an object placed so specifically in a while now.
It has been eaten.


Ah, thanks for the idea of copying the coordinates. As far as pasting them into the location parameters, did you mean paste each one individually into the 'Translate' entries for x, y, z coordinates (or is there a quick way to literally paste them all in at once)? Either way works though, so thanks again.

(..btw, Badger, that mushroom image is really very nice.)


There is an icon to the right of the translate field..........left click and select paste coordinates.  ;)