How do I cover an object with a population?

Started by reck, February 25, 2014, 05:45:45 pm

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Try the attached file....................


Hello Yossam,
Very nice this red hair i will try to render on my own but my problem is that i see the projects from others but not my projects (this is angering for me  >:(). This one was mine and modified and now works but again i don't find where is my problem, bah!



You have to do as Kaedorg said, but also reduce the size of the grass to something that fits the sphere. You have a sphere of 10m diameter and your grass clump is the same size! Reduce the grass to 1m and also the number of leaves to a few hundred, and decrease spacing to a coverage you need, and it will work.


Hi Dune,

Then could be a matter of proportions? Well, i'll try this also. See you soon.


Hi all,

Finally i've managed to render my own Pop on Sphere. Trying  and trying i've found the exact position, puff.
This is my image. A sphere hovering on the water and coated with Poppies. :)

Greetings and thanks for hints.