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Started by Volker Harun, July 05, 2007, 11:11:41 am

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Volker Harun


I downloaded recently the 30 day evaluation of XFrog and XTune.
Both come with some marvelous samples wich can be exported easily.
Some of those models have .rgb-files instead of .tiffs which is annoying. I am not able to open these rgbs to reduce saturation.

Any idea?


By the way - I want to thank Greenworks for having a 30 day full working trial with lots of models to be modified, exported created and so on ... For somebody with some spare time, that would be many plants, wouldn't it? ,-)

Kevin F

If you use the .rgb image as the colour image (under colour for a leaf say), and use the .png image in the opacity tab, set opacity to 1 and tick the alpha channel on. you'll get some nice results.

Kevin F

Oh, and set the diffuse colour to 0 in the colour tab.


The free (and excellent) XnView ought to be able to open, adjust, and save/convert those files.

- Oshyan

Volker Harun

Hi Kevin, thanks for your support.
That model did not have any additional graphics for opacity or alpha, just that RGB-file.
I was able to reduce that oversaturation by adding a colour-change-shader and increasing the gamma. Then I needed to darken it again ,-)

Hi Oshyan,
that was in fact the information I was seeking - Hugggzzzzzz!


Very cool info guys,

  Going to check all this out, thanks /smiles.

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