Brain King

Started by fleetwood, March 05, 2014, 06:42:47 PM

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Just for fun, here is a King Brain Coral that uses two displaceable spheres and a system to get power fractals to show bilateral symmetry.
The terrain uses a Heightfield erode so you need to click the erode now inside that node to get the Brain King sitting on his sand bar.

Two example renders one with negative displacement on the light color and one with positive.

For the bilateral symmetry to show up the texture of each sphere needs to be centered on its own sphere object.
Where ever you may move them to, you need to copy the spheres location coordinates and paste them into the texture's transform input shaders.


That is cool, thanks.  8)


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So ends today's public service announcement.
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Badger - Your insight brings new meaning to the colloquial name for these corals - Neptune's Jewels.


Good stuff, fleetwood!

j meyer

Nice experimenting.
Keep it up. 8)


HA ha! really? I really didn't know.
But you know whats really funny is that I have been picking away at a model of a statue of poseidon on a throne for a cityscape. Weird coincidence.

Your doing some interesting work by the way. I'm just having some fun is all. :)
It has been eaten.


No, not really, just going along with the joke.   :D
But it seems there is a flower variety actually called Neptune's Jewels.


ahhhhhhh  :-[ now Im sad. 

It has been eaten.


looks wobbly!