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Started by Hannes, March 11, 2014, 07:25:00 AM

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Once again no typical TG render.
My wife's comment: "where are the flowers?" Well, there aren't too many indeed.
The fighter, the platform, the spheres, and the column like things hanging from the ceiling are models I got either by purchasing or downloading for free. Especially the latter is quite interesting. It's a model from Turbosquid called "Zenith". It's an incredibly detailed space station. And it's free! Unfortunately there are no texture coordinates, so texturing is a bit tricky.
The sphere model is called "Merzraumer" by Waldemar Barkowski (Spacebones), a very nice model of the Perry Rhodan universe.

The rest is made by myself. It's been a lot of texture work. Raytrace objects was left unchecked to get real displacement.
I had to render the fighter in the foreground separately, because my computer didn't allow any further objects (too less RAM :() But that gave me the opportunity to add some motion blur. The flares are postwork of course. So is the chromatic aberration, my favourite pw filter ;D.

Rendertimes were 22 hours for the main image plus an extra of six hours for the fighter (it was larger on the original image). Original resolution 2400X1350 px.


my jaw....where is my jaw? Ohh...on the ground...again...
Wow I love this pix! Especially the details of this
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Excellent work Hannes
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Thanks guys. I forgot to mention the people standing on the platform. I don't remember where they came from. Sometimes I find something on my harddrive which suits to the scene...


Poster Perfect image. Great Space Opera colors and action, love the Perry Rhodan reference. A truly fun to view creation, very well done!


I am a big fan of John Berkey sci-fi art.
Now you take a place beside him.




Thanks, David. I had to google him and found out that I already knew some of his work. This is incredible!


Good Lord!  That's movie-quality!  If the station is still in a planet's atmosphere then the lighting is perfect.  If it's in deep-space, then the shadows would be darker and sharper.  But either way, this is an incredible example of TG's GI algorithm.


Yes, it's still in the planet's atmosphere. It wasn't meant to be a space scene. That's why the people on the platform don't wear space suits (they are hardly visible, I know ;))
And yes, it's a pleasure to see the GISD work. When I was sitting in front of the screen, watching the render progress, I really enjoyed the moment after the render was finished, the clock was standing still, and finally the GISD showed it's magic. That's really an improvement for areas that are not in bright sunlight.


It has been eaten.


I'm impressed................ :)


I too love that 'GISD' moment. While awaiting that final pixel to render my eyes are glued to the screen in anticipation of the "Quickening".  Oh well, nice to know our obsessions are shared ;)


There can be only one...................... :)