GML support?

Started by peter.cotroneo, March 20, 2014, 01:39:19 pm

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Can Terragen import DTMs in GML format?


Peter Cotroneo


It looks like GML might be largely a vector/point specification format. If that's the case the answer is no as Terragen does not yet support import of vector data of any kind. If you first rasterize the data, then you can certainly import it however.

If GML can store height or image data, then it may be supported. We'd have to have Jo Meder's input to be sure (he developed the GIS data support in Terragen).

- Oshyan


Hi Peter,

We use GDAL to load many DEM and GIS related formats. These are the formats supported by GML:

We support all the formats which have "Yes" in the "Compiled by default" column, as well as JPEG 2000 via OpenJPEG. It doesn't look as if loading raster data from GML files is supported. In the future we may support GML in JPEG2000 (GMLJP2) when we add support for another format, but that's not the same as using a GML file directly.