Terragen vs Max world co-ordinates

Started by AC5LT43R, April 22, 2014, 08:29:44 am

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So I currently have a height map set up in Terragen that the camera sees at the end of an animation, a "Hero" mountain if you will. Now when I bring the  heightmap in to 3DS Max and put in the same co-ordinates, the mountain is not in the same place.

How do I go about getting them to match up?



In Terragen, up is Y, whereas in Max up is Z. If you're copying XYZ coordinates between Terragen and Mac you need to swapping the Y and Z values. But the position values in the Heightfield Shader are only 2D, so this shouldn't matter. Are you copying the values from the Heightfield Shader or somewhere else? Is the Heightfield Shader set to position centre or position lower left?

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I think the issue was that I was exporting the geometry via micro exporter, and the centre was off (as the geometry was not perfect like the heightmap). Instead, I'm now using the info from Terragen and placing the heightmap with the same co-ordinates and it works just fine :)