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Started by jo, May 07, 2014, 01:44:40 am

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to announce that I'm moving on from my role at Planetside. Planetside and Terragen have been a big part of my life. I've been working with Matt for something like 15 years and I spent some time as a user before that. It was a very tough decision to move on but it's time for me to try something a bit different.

When I think back to when I started working with Matt (as opposed to being a user), around the TG Classic v0.7 timeframe if I recall correctly (hard to remember back that far!), I'm very proud of what we've accomplished with TG to date. It's been a great experience working with Matt, John in the past and Oshyan in more recent years.

The thing I will miss the most, apart from the work, is the user community. I think Planetside's user community has always been one of the best I've come across. The enthusiasm, helpfulness and above all friendliness of the user community is exceptional. The users have always been a big motivator for me and I've felt a keen sense of responsibility towards the community. I've really enjoyed working closely with people on various projects over the years. I've also had the privilege to meet some users in person but not as many as I would have liked!

I still plan to be involved with Planetside in a more limited capacity. Initially I will be settling into my new job and won't be around the forums so much perhaps, but in the not-too-distant future I'll still be around and helping TG move forward.

Although this is not a final farewell I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the users, past and present, for helping to make the last 15 years such an interesting and rewarding time.


Jo Meder


Likewise, Jo, it's been a pleasure working with you over the years, and we've achieved some amazing things. Your hard work, attention to detail and passion for Terragen and the community have helped shape it into the success it is today. I've learned a lot from you along the way. So thank you.

I'm sure that many who read this will have questions about how this affects the future of Terragen. I'll cover that in another thread.

Best of luck with the new job! I look forward to continuing to work with you as time allows.

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Thanks a lot for your huge contribution to terragen
and best of luck for the future.



You can't go, Jo! We'd miss you terribly. How can you do that to us?  :(

But if you insist, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Terragen has been an important part of my recent life (never imagined that some software would dominate my life  ;) ) and you've been a terrific help and programmer. Hope to see you back some time, but do drop in once in a while. What are you going to do, by the way?

All the best to you, Jo,



Best for the future.........don't be a stranger.  :)


Oh boy, this is sad news!
Anyway I wish you all the best. Thanks a lot for everything!


Jo this is sad to hear.
When i think about Terragen there is always 3 people behind it i think about immediately.
But i hope and wish you all the best in your new job and still see you here around :)



Ohhh....noo :'(

Anycow, thx for your work for TG and for your help on the Forum.
Wish u good luck on the new place ;)
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Sad to see you leave Jo, and thanks for all the hard work over the years.

Hope the new job works out for you.

All the very best



"The times they are a changing..."  n, stuff :)
Sorry to see you go but congratulations on your new direction, I hope it's full of adventure chocolate and good wine.
Cheers for all your dedication and hard work.

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Jo you can be proud of what you built with the team. Good luck and hope you'll keep checking in here!


I always thought that the real master Artists here were the folks who created Terragen. You must feel a great deal of honest pride for having a hand in making and improving this most amazing piece of software. I wish you ongoing success, and thank you again for the incredible gift that is Terragen!


Thanks Jo for all your work on Terragen and all the insights you've provided on the forum. Best of fortune in your new endeavors.


Thanks for everything Jo and good luck!
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Thank you for all the help and advice Jo. Sorry to see you go. Hope you are happy and have everything you love in the world. Cheers man!

By the way Jo, you know you don't have to be working to come around and just say hi!
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