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Started by jo, May 07, 2014, 01:44:40 am

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I'm going to miss your often timely responses to inquiries.  Good luck in your new venture.


Hi Jo,

Congratulations with your new job! :)
What's the job about, if I may ask?
I'm pretty sure your new employee will appreciate your precision and communication skills as evident to this community.
Thank you for all your involvement, effort and patience in discussions with me.
Good luck with your new job and enjoy!



Hi everyone,

Thanks very much for the kind words.

A couple of people have asked about the job I'm moving to. I'm going to work for a company called Trimble Navigation. Specifically I'll be working on software which controls earthmoving and construction machinery. The unit I'll work for is a joint venture with Caterpillar, the machinery manufacturer. The software helps the machine operators work more accurately and efficiently. In some cases the software controls parts of the machinery to maintain accuracy, for example it might move the blade of a bulldozer around while the operator drives in a certain direction. Very different to TG in many ways, but also has some similarities, moving things around in 3D space for example. There's a chance I'll get to learn how to drive a bulldozer, so I'm quite looking forward to that!





Sounds like an interesting and exciting challenge Jo :)

Quote from: jo on May 08, 2014, 07:37:43 pm
There's a chance I'll get to learn how to drive a bulldozer, so I'm quite looking forward to that!

Southern man ;D


3D manipulating in real world. Nice :)



I've been in this community for a rather short time but I do appreciate your help and I am certain that the friendliness you mentioned was also your contribution as well. If you ever happen to visit Belgium or Poland you can still have a chance to meet yet another user in person. ;D

For now, congratulations and all best at your new job.
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Congratulations on your move Jo; and, the very best for you in the future.


Best of luck Jo !!
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lat 64

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Thanks for all the advice on my operating system a couple years back.

So, now you're going to be a real terraformer! Trimble owns Sketchup now, and I use it to make some fun models for TG objects. Somehow you may still be in the game.

I am coming to New Zealand this December to do the camper van thing for three weeks. Just saying that in case you want to have a beer 8)

I'm a half century plus ten yrs old. Yikes!


congrats on the new job! Have fun Jo, no doubt we'll be seeing you about!
all the very best
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Shocked and sad to see you go - you've done so much for TG and its users. You will be missed! Good luck in your new job and we hope to see you lurking around here from time to time


Good luck Jo. Thanks for all the hard work over the years.
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Good luck to you Jo. It should be fulfilling to write code that actually moves things around in the real world. I guess you will be doing some embedded stuff maybe using some ARM variant?


Damn, does that mean we'll never see the likes of Water Works for TG3-4? C'est la vie I guess and many thanks for all your contributions since classic...and congrats on the new career move.
Your help in the forums has been invaluable to myself and many others so you can rest easy that your job was/is a success. Sorry to be posting this 2 years later but at that time I was rehearsing for a tour with a younger than me at least, female singer/songwriter, and post tour came home to bury my ex wife so I wasn't here a lot. As an aside, pal of mine learned to drive a front end loader on you tube in 20 min. so I'm guessing that the type of work you're engaged in is what made that possible...the possibilities are endless.
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